G8 Belt Grinder
G8 Belt Grinder

G8 Belt Grinder

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The Belt Grinder can be rotated horizontal and vertical. With our G8 Belt Grinder the motor mounts directly to the grinder.

  • Variable Speed (Included with our Grinder Kit)
  • Comes With All The Wheels
  • Includes 5/8 Motor Drive Wheel
  • Includes Tooling arm
  • Includes Platen Assembly
  • Uses 1.5 x 1.5 Tooling Arm (All Machined)
  • 3 Different Locations For Tooling Arm
  • Adjustable Tracking
  • Stainless Bolts 
  • 100% Corrosive Resistant
  • Grinder All Assembled
  • Uses 56C Mounting System
  • Uses 2x72 Belts


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