G5 Belt Grinder

Our belt grinders are all cnc machined in house. With our G5 belt grinder we integrated the motor into the grinder.

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The Belt Grinder is completely machined, we are proud to be a US manufacturer. All of our machines come assembled, we offer many different options with our grinders to fit our customers needs. We have 3 different models that we have available starting with our G2 Basic Grinder and moving to G5 Grinder that is simple to set up with no extra work. Our G8 Grinder is a Vertical and Horizontal Grinder, also very simple to setup.


Wear Resistant Wheels

We are the first in the industry to offer such high quality wheels that are manufactured in USA. We plate our manufactured wheels with black hard coat anodizing. The black hard coat is made to a military spec and is rated to 58rc.

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3D Machined

The hinge system is made for the tracking wheel, the only way to make a good system was to CNC 3D mill and chamfer. We do all the machining in house, in order to keep the tolorances and accuracy to our expectaions.


Engineering & Design

Our company does all the engineering and design work. Our machining department work directly with our engineers, so we can make very simple  and easy to use products.


Company Goals

Here at The Belt Grinder we choose to only sell USA products. If we can't find it in the U.S., we will manufacturer it our selves. Our goals are to support the U.S. economy and make Quality products in America.


Our Equipment

We use a Haas cnc to machine all of our products that we sell. We do not out source any work, we keep it all in house. This ensures that the quality is perfect and meets our standards.